Basic Geometry

The term basic geometry is the collection of cubes, rectangles, cilinders and sphere. The term is also used to label objects that are build-up by this basic shapes. A well known example is the Ipod and most of the Apple products. Basic geometry objects are the easiest to draw. Altough things can get complex quite quickly if you want to do it right. Therefore it’s necessary to have patience and try to be as accurate as possibble. The Cube is the simplest shape yet it is not easy to draw a perfect cube. It’s necessary to know how to draw a exact cube because it’s the building block of perspective. The construction can also be used as a unit of measurement. In this way everything is considered in proportion rather than directly measured. A dimension is assessed as being twice that of another. Rather than being 50mm. Equally you might think of a dimension as being 2.5 cubes in length. There are many books about perspective and most designers aere familiar with at least one of the mechanical methods of setting up a perspective drawing. Few designers have the time to do laboured perspectives. For this reason choose a method that is simple. The easiest is to create a cube with a CAD-program and use this as a reference. This speedens up the drawing-process, especially if you just need the cube for construction of a more complex form. CAD-programs are magnificant tools but it’s not recommended to use them in the explorative phase of the design-process. Later on we’ll also use grids generated from a CAD-program to speed up the drawing process but for this purpose only.


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