Ellipses have certain values, indicated in degrees. This is because they are related towards the bounding squares that widen in perspective. The values state how much of the circular area is seen at that point.The lower the value, the closer ellipse to the view point  and the shorter the minor axis of the ellipse will be. The same rules apply to horizontally placed circular areas.

The easiest way to draw a cilinder is to draw a bounding box and construct ellipses in the front and back plane. The axis of the cilinder you want to draw is the minor axis of both ellipses. Draw a line perpendicular on this axis to find the ellipses Maximum. Connect the corresponding maximum of the ellipses with each other to complete the cilinder. When this basic theory is understood you can start practicing drawing cilinders without the bounding box and build up from the axis line and the knowledge that the minor axis shrink when closer to the viewpoint. To achieve perfect ellipses, guides can be used.


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